February 19, 2018

Here’s what Radiology Practices have said about their experience with MPS

“Our firm has utilized MPS to successfully recruit several radiologists in an extremely tight market over the last several years. MPS has done an excellent job articulating our opportunity to the radiologist candidates and has been quite candid with our firm in relation to potential candidates. Our firm just contacted MPS to help assist us in locating additional radiologists for our growing practice.”

President, Private Radiology Practice, Washington

“When we need to recruit, our first call is to MPS. They have consistently found high quality applicants and ushered them and us through the interviewing and hiring process from beginning to end. MPS has been integral in the successful growth of our practice.”

Senior Partner, Private Radiology Practice, New Hampshire

“I have been doing recruitment for my radiology group now for over 15 years. In those years, I have had good and bad experiences with many professional recruiters. MPS has provided me only good experiences. They have added the dimensions of common sense and intuition into people that I have not seen in other recruiters or recruitment firms. MPS has provided me contact with many very highly qualified radiologists that did not respond to my other methods of recruitment. We successfully recruited one of the applicants introduced to us by MPS who now is becoming a new shareholder.”

Managing Partner, Private Radiology Practice, California

“I have been exceptionally fortunate to have Medical Placement and Search working on my behalf. I was faced with the task of forming a new hospital radiology group from the ground up. I needed to hire three radiologists. MPS was able to locate and place three highly qualified radiologists in a relatively short amount of time. They work very hard to find the right person for the position. They spend a great deal of time making sure it is the right fit for both parties. I couldn't have been happier.”

Managing Partner, Private Radiology Practice, Idaho

“We’ve used several different recruiting firms in the past, both retained and contingent. MPS is the only firm that has been able to fill our needs. In the past two years, they have found 4 radiologists to work for us.

“One thing that sets MPS apart from the rest is that they get to know you as an organization. They try to understand what kind of people make of the group and what skills we need. Our recruiter only recommended candidates whom he thought would not only match our skill sets, but match the other personalities in the group. He really worked hard to find the ‘right’ fit, not just ‘any’ fit.

“When other firms find candidates, they send them to every client in their book. MPS takes a different approach- they get to know the candidate and their family. After several conversations, they match them with a client that they feel is the best fit. It’s proven to be successful for us. We wouldn’t use anyone else.

“We tried working with a nationally known, retained firm. They worked hard at first, but never seemed to send us candidates who fit what we were looking for, or what the candidates themselves were looking for. Once they reached their cap for what they could bill us, we never heard from them again- unless we were willing to pay them more money.

“MPS has been the best firm we worked with over the years. We’re a fairly small town in Pennsylvania and it hasn’t been easy to recruit radiologists. MPS found us everyone we were looking for. For the first time in four years, we are done recruiting, thanks to MPS.”

President, Private Radiology Practice, Pennsylvania

“Our Radiology group in southern California has recently retained MPS-The Radiology Specialists to assist us with recruiting radiologists to our practice. Our recruiter rapidly assisted us with the recruitment of two radiologists. Both radiologists have exceptional academic credentials and great personal qualities. They made the process very easy for the candidates and our group sending only qualified candidates that were ideal fits for our needs and then assisting both parties through the process of obtaining signed employment contracts. I would highly recommend MPS to any radiology group with recruitment needs.”

Chief Radiologist, Private Radiology Practice, Southern California